Destiny Lost

Poetry has always been a expression for me to toy with thoughts and feelings, and something I have done for many years. I have published a few poems over the years, all in local magazines and publications. Destiny Lost is the first poem that I have published in an international publication. It has been published in the 2002 complication "Roomful of Starlight".

Destiny Lost
The tulips bled anguished blood.
Nevermore to know of joy
And pure and simple love.
Withered, they crumpled in the wind
To be powdered into dust.
As fleeting as youth, passion is lost.
To the empty fields of misery
I lay in the filth as ravaged by war.
Loss is a simple thing,
An occurrence as regular as Sol's rise.
Yet it still finds renewed fury
And discovers a virgin part of me to kill.
Age does not kill the man who dares to feel,
For he dies of Destiny lost.


All material 2002-2017, Chris H Marker.