Current Works in Progress

March 30, 2013

Work on the last part of the Shattered Gate continues. I have a good chunk of the rough draft completed. Hopefully 2013 will be the year it sees completion.

April 1, 2011

I am currently working on a zombie novel. Again, this is a new genre for me. I love zombie movies but have never read a zombie book (other than World War Z). It's meant to be a fun project to get writing again on a regular basis, so we will see what comes of it.

October 4, 2008

As promised, Book I is now available again. Check out the Published page for more details. Not a lot has changed, just fixed some errors and bad writing. Watch for Book II in the spring of 2009.

July 14, 2008

I have decided to go back to The Shattered Gate series. I took Book I off of the distribution channels for the time being and am in the process of a full re-edit/re-write to bring it up to speed with Book II and III. Book I, complete with new cover art will be available by October.

The Shattered Gate: Book I is a 3-part story. I started this story to get back to my roots with fantasy, but a different landscape appeared, setting the story in Victorian-likes times. It was original distributed in 2006, but is now on a re-write.

The story follows the lives of four brothers, second generation landless nobles. The brothers leave their home and set out to find a new life in the uncertain territory lands, where they find magic and fantastical creatures still exist in the background, not yet banished to antiquity as the new world tries to step forward from the old. The brothers must find their own Destiny in a foreign land on the brink of war where muskets, sabres and etiquette make an empire, while greater forces work to reshape the lands. As with all realities, their actions dictate the future that they cannot yet possibly see.

The Shattered Gate is a story of adventure, intrigue and courtly drama, where powerful, unseen forces emerge from centuries of obscurity to find a new hold in the world. Return to print coming soon...

May 29, 2008

With The Hope Machine complete, I've started work on a new book. I'm several chapters in, but life has gotten busy, so there may not be a lot done on it over the summer. It is a modern day fantasy, and I am already liking where the story and main character is going. More on that to come. For now, please check out the published link for The Hope Machine.

April 26, 2008

Work on The Hope Machine is almost done. The book is formatted, and just finishing up the final technical edit in the next week or so. After that, as soon as I get the artwork in from a very talented artist I'll be able to send it off. With luck, it should be available the end of June or beginning of July.

March 15, 2008

I am currently in the process of finishing a stand alone, short novel. It is called The Hope Machine. I am in the process of finishing the first draft, and will soon be having it thoroughly editted. Expect publication sometime in June. The Hope Machine is a light sci-fi/suspense revolving around the life of a simple, plain scientist, Theodore Rushtman. Theodore is hired by this idol to conduct ongoing brain research, but soon finds his quiet life tied a devious plan. Theodore must become more than the man he is to escape the clutches of Ferris Regent.

That is a rather brief description, and not very enticing, but I will have more and a few sample chapters in the coming weeks.

I have decided to put aside The Shattered Gate: Book II for a while longer. I am preparing notes for my next project. It will be more of my fantasy roots, though set in modern times. More on that to come.


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