A Crack in Time

A crack in time is my first vampire novel, and also my first published novel. I wrote this story for two reasons. First, I had a story inside of me to tell. And second, I needed to prove to myself that I could produce a novel that people would like as much as I did. This was the result.

"On the brink of a lonely, undeserved death, Simon Hoffert is saved by a dark visitor from his hospital bed. Reborn into the world of the undead, Simon struggles with the challenges and wonders of his new immortal life as he stumbles through a fledgling existence where his world is literally turned inside out. After defying his Sire, he soon discovers that danger and death have as much meaning to a vampire as a mortal, and seeks solace in a lady vampire whose intentions could be as deadly as the sun. In order to survive the daylight hours, mercenary hunters seeking his teeth, and a master intent on revenge, Simon must first come to grips with the poisoned memories and realities of a past that refuse to go away.

A dark tale of obsession, desire, and love, A Crack in Time is a fable about the dangers of holding on to what has already passed and losing what could be." - From the back cover.

What follows is an exerpt from the book:

"Darkness is darkness is darkness. A thousand people that night came to learn that sometimes darkness is more than simply an absence of light. Sometimes darkness is a manifestation that is not physical at all, but exists to all the other senses as an abomination of every fragment of reality.

For those that heard and tasted and smelled and felt it, the darkness manifested in a thousand different forms that could never be accurately described, and no two retellings were exactly alike. It wafted up through the grates and manholes of the city touching anyone who would walk close enough like a poisoned needle, forever scarring it's mark on the mind.

Some thought it was a tortured animal, caught by street hooligans and destined for a grisly fate. Others said it sounded like the sewers had enough and were regurgitating the sum of their filth. Some described it as the sound of great loss, of eternal sorrow, of triumphant defeat, of ultimate devastation. One man even described it as "if the world, Itself, was weeping at some soon forgotten but tragic loss." However they described it, not one of those affected went home and slept that night without being stricken with the most horrid nightmares they would ever experience. And every single soul would never look at the world quite the same again.

For Simon Hoffert, the manifestation of darkness was all of these and so much more. He would never remember the hours before dawn, but the lingering embodiment of absolute pain always stayed close. His visitor knelt over the ruined body even as Simon's eyes fluttered towards emptiness.

Simon would never remember the four penetrations into his neck. The warm rush that followed the rapid cooling as the blood left his body only mingled with the general sensation of death. He gasped his last breath, his chest deflating a final time, and still the creature drank. Only when Simon's body stilled did he stop. Waiting a brief, eternal moment, he rose and pulled back his sleeve. Clenching his fist, the creature slashed at the exposed wrist with a claw-like fingernail, tearing at a vein. He watched as blood swelled to the open wound and dripped, drop by drop, into Simon's gapping mouth.

The shadow creature counted measured drops: sixteen, seventeen, eighteen... nineteen. There was a flutter, barely a motion at all. It was there nonetheless; the heart beat. Even for a body as wasted as Simon's shell was, never more than twenty drops of his potent blood was needed to bring back the dead. He allowed a few more drops into Simon's mouth, just enough to keep the heart beating, before scooping him up with powerful arms.

As with his death, Simon would never clearly remember his rebirth, and the first few moments of it least of all. He would never remember being carried through a hospital filled with people who saw them pass by as nothing more than ghosts out of the corner of the eye. They would have seemed to fly as his savior carried him through streets and alleys, finally plunging into the depths of the city below where the rats and the diseased afterthoughts of humanity existed with the creatures that Simon would become before dawn's light."

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