About the Author

Born in Vancouver, Canada in 1973, Chris has lived over much of Canada, as far east as Ottawa. He grew up all over Alberta before moving to Ontario in 1989. After a brief trial in the work force, he enrolled in Carleton University to begin he post-secondary career, and eventually graduated from Trent University in Peterborough in 1997 with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Calgary was always his favourite city in Canada, and he returned there after graduation. He worked in the finance industry for many years while pursing his writing passion. A change of scenery found him enjoying small town life once again before finally making Edmonton home..

Chris has always loved to read and write. He began reading science fiction at an early age after being enraptured with old sci-fi and horror movies. Although a sucker for horror and vampire movies, he has never been a real fan of horror and vampire books. The irony that his first completed work is a vampire novel is not lost on him. With works by Tolkien, Terry Brooks, and Weis and Hickman, fantasy quickly overcame sci-fi and became his one obsession. It remains his true desire when it comes to future projects and inspirations.

He does not write to make a point. He does not write to explore hidden meanings and mysteries about life. He does not write to explore complicated and controversial subjects. He writes for pleasure. He writes to tell a story about people and their lives in the most entertaining way that he can. If any of the other stuff comes out in his works, it is purely a happy coincidence.

Pictures of the Author

He has been told recently that an important part of promotion for a writer is having his picture out there for the public to see. It's suppose to make a connection with the readers to have a face to go with the prose. He's not sure he agrees with that, but here are a couple, for now at least.
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